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Ladies are always keen on looking graceful in any type of outfit that they wear. When it comes to the traditional attire like salwar kameez where the choice is difficult to make due to an array of fashions, dress materials are a good option. In case of ready to wear dresses, it may happen that the pattern, design and cuts may not qualify the selection criteria. Hence, with a dress material, ladies can be their own fashion designers.

wholesale Dress Material CatalogFashions in salwar kameez know no bounds. There are innumerable choices in every aspect like sleeves, necks, backs, hems, waist and borderlines and so on. Each day brings in new designs and patterns. A dress material provides the scope for experiments of all these options. You can contact us for the fashions in the wholesale dress material market in Mumbai.

Ladies dress materials occur in various types of fabrics like cotton, silk, georgette, brasso and so on. You can select the ones that have artwork embellished on them you can go in to design your own artwork and pattern. Dress materials are cut in length and width so as to design dress types like anarkali, simple A line salwar kameez, churidar type and so on. You need to verify the dimensions of the material and the possible designs you can create.

We are wholesalers of dress materials in Mumbai. You can contact us for wholesale ladies dress material catalog with prices.

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